ScrumMaster, UI Developer

  • ATS is looking for a ScrumMaster for someone in Scarborough doing voice recognition.  Haven’t been able to track down a particular company, so it may not be listed directly.  Sounds like an interesting opportunity, if you’re interested a focus on process rather than coding.
  • This company is looking for a UI Developer, and is quite fond of punching up the copy using words like “high-quality”, “dynamic”, “award-winning”.  I’m curious about the mix of ‘team-based and pair programming’ and ‘distributed development’.  It might also be nice to know who and where they are, and what kind of “medical software” they create.
  • NexJ is looking for a framework developer.  I hope I’m misreading this, and they’re not looking for someone to develop an object-relational mapping framework, a web presentation framework, an ESB, et al from scratch.  I mean, if they are, more power to ’em, but I don’t recommend that path.

One Response to ScrumMaster, UI Developer

  1. Nathan Ng says:

    wrt the Framework developer position @ NexJ: Ha ha. No, it’s not to develop the entire framework from scratch. It’s to work ON our framework, which we’ve developed…

    (and depending on experience/aptitude/interest, there are various areas of said framework on which a potential candidate might work)

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