• Empirical‘s looking for a CTO.  Empirical calls themselves dialogue architects, which as I understand it, is marketing-eze for ‘Marketing’.
  • A lead platform architect for a company tackling VOIP/SIP sounds like an interesting opportunity, particularly if you know something about the protocols they’re looking for.
  • There’s not much detail here, and what there is worries me a little.  I guess I’m skeptical of model-driven development claims.  Still, if you believe in MDA, it sounds like the compensation’s good and the role is ‘strategic’.
  • It’s interesting that Canadian Tire is using ESB.  Looks like it’s a big-vendor solution based on websphere message broker, but still.  It’d be interesting to have a few more details.  It’s also interesting that they feel compelled to explain ESB to potential candidates.
  • I have to admit, Part-Time Software Architect seems a little odd.  I can mentally invent scenarios where this makes sense (e.g. small startup wants expertise they can’t afford), but … you just don’t see postings like this very often.

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