Architecture Jobs

It was a good day for architecture jobs:

  • Someone’s looking or an Applications Architect for payment processing, but isn’t picky on .NET vs. Java.   I’m still not fond of companies that have already decided on offshoring as a strategy.  In part, because I just haven’t seen this approach be very successful.  The farther apart all the members of a development effort have been, the more wrong I’ve seen it go.  This also worries me because those companies seem to value low-cost over high quality, and I’ve seen that approach go badly as well.  That said, the base salary is listed as $120k, which is decent.
  • This Associate Java Architect position is one I’ve seen before, but with a little more detail.  I know people get a lot of useless resumes, but it seems a little silly to try and avoid that by putting in somewhat arbitrary requirements, like having to have worked exclusively on Java applications.  For instance, although worked almost exclusively on Java web applications and have extensive experience with Hibernate and Java web frameworks, would my four months on Ruby disqualify me?  Probably not, but the language of the appointment implies such.

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