Career Fulfillment

It’s always interesting to see the varying motivations for working.  For instance, David Heinemeier Hansson argues for finding something you love:

When you do what you love for the sake of itself, the rewards are so much greater than if you just do it for external incentives. For lots of measures of “winning”, we’ve long since won with Ruby on Rails. The impact on the industry, the adoption by thousands of companies and developers, the books, the conferences, and all that jazz. And yet, it doesn’t really matter that much in the end. What matters is getting excited about continuing the work.

While I certainly love writing software, I haven’t yet found the perfect combination of ingredients to make me love “my job.”  Some people would argue that that search is fruitless, that you should be content to show up, get paid, and go home, and others really strive for that love-of-work, possibly in vain.

I’m more of the latter, but I’ve worked with people who fall in the former category, including some people who were also good at their jobs, so I can’t knock that approach entirely either.


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