Jobs: Intrafinity and 4 Architects, 6 Developers (Route1?)

Intrafinity’s looking for a Lead Technical/Software Architect, which sounds … ok.  Well, first of all, it’s .NET, which is pretty much an immediate knock-down for me, if for no other reason than I don’t have enough experience with .NET.  Secondly, it looks like a “writing documents, not code” position, which can be a dangerous position for an architect, depending on the team and the company. But, then, a lot of people work that way, it’s just something that’s a warning sign for me.

It also came through Craigslist,which specifies 70k+++, the low end of which is less than I think a good architect should be getting, but that’s your call.

I suspect this posting is from Route1, but whoever it is, looking for six developers at once is pretty ambitious — they’ll be lucky to find half of that who are worth hiring in the short term, but I guess there’s no harm in asking.  Adding four architects to that seems excessive, but good luck to ’em. Finally, this looks suspiciously like The FeedRoom, but otherwise doesn’t leap out at me.  Doesn’t help that jburst typically sends off red flags for me.


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