Friday: Bell, System Core, Deloitte, Sigma Systems

Jobs of interest:

  • Bell Canada is looking for an Associate Director, Technical Architect – basically somone with security expertise. I’m sure it’s pretty corporate, but otherwise looks vaguely interesting.
  • System Core does a good posting (Java/J2EE team leader), but I know someone who talked to them, and they’re online gaming (aka gambling), which many people take issue with, as a job. And, knowing someone who used to work in that industry, I’m not sure that I’d be happy with it.
  • I’ve heard good things about Deloitte as a place to work, so although their Senior Consultant, J2EE or .NET doesn’t leap out at me in other respects (in particular, it looks like a “make sales, not software” position), it mightn’t be a bad choice.
  • Both datalist and nexstaff seem to be advertising the same position for a Project Lead / Development Manager. Distributed development and PowerBuilder may be bad signs, but the pay looks decent.
  • W5 has this Development Manager position (which I believe is for Sigma Systems, which seems interesting because it seems as if the development manager here would also be in charge of the quality process, which is a little unusual (although I’m not necessarily disagreeing).

2 Responses to Friday: Bell, System Core, Deloitte, Sigma Systems

  1. Parv says:

    Can you re-post the Deloitte link? Appears to be broken.

  2. This one is over a year old — a year-old job posting is probably always going to be broken. If it isn’t, then it may not have been a real posting.

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